Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Okay, I want to go back to college

"What might a university look like with a fully deployed program of converged devices like the iPhone? Connected is one possible vision. This fictional day-in-the-life account highlights some of the potential benefits in a higher education setting when every student, faculty, and staff member is "connected." Though the applications and functions portrayed in the film are purely speculative, they're based on needs and ideas uncovered by our research - and we've already been making strides to transform this vision of mobile learning (mLearning) into reality."

What a great article.  What a great opportunity for students of Abilene Christian University.  What great efforts this university has gone to to do it right.  Check out their vision and their progress.  I think I'll send my kids there - as if I have that much control or would want to have that much control of where they go. . .

Check it out - Abilene is giving their incoming Freshmen an iPhone or iPod Touch to utilize during their college life for classes, university administrative stuff, etc.  While I'd love to see the video's on You Tube right now, I have to wait until I go home from work.  Blocked iTunes University and too slow of a band width to look at it here.  Well perhaps I'll post more once I get home :(

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