Thursday, September 25, 2008

How do you advocate for your school libraries

How do you advocate for your school libraries?

Below are a list of actions I've taken as Manager of Educational Technology (which includes District Media Services) in trying to advocate for St. Vrain's libraries. What do you see missing? I'm thinking there is a lot.

1. Have HR participate once each year in our three monthly meetings
(Media Tech - elementary; Media Clerk and Teacher Librarian - secondary) to listen to the media staff's requests, answer questions, provide feedback and advice.
2. Be present in the meeting with Union rep and the media staff regarding
help through master agreement verbage (reviewed Jeffco verbage).
3. Discuss this need with every principal in the district in 2005 -
2006 to gain their thoughts on this need in their school; review the academic benefits of this option for their students including Library Research Service information; discuss best practice; give them a document which presented a justification for this approach.
4. Surveyed the state districts to ascertain which school district
had this recommended FTE approach adopted; documented what all districts had. Results are published with CDE.
5. Advocated with Director of Information Technology
Services and Directors of Human Relations.
6. Presented this need as part of report to the School Board.
March 6, 2006
7. Conducted a survey of Library Priorities by principals,
teachers, library staff (9/2007)
8. Community presentation (3/27/08)
9. School Instructional Technology Model for Success (3/24/08)
given to Director of ITS
10. Reviewed state and national research, for example, South
Carolina's state document recommendations Appendix D, Colorado Springs D11's implementation plan: Technology support for success, Denver Post article.
11. Have meeting planned with HR and separate one with Deputy Superintendent of Learning Services and the Union Rep.

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