Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I love to read books
Usually five at a time.
Some I never finish it seems,
But I always pick them up
Where I left off
And they are still my friends
Helping me grow, enjoy, learn and relax.

I most love to read
the creations of my kids:
A poem, a story,
A picture, a photo.
What do they say
Even if they have no written words?
Do I hear what they are saying?

Reading what has been created
By my relations before me
Has always touched my heart
And connected me to a past.
I can perhaps only wonder about
the poems penned by my father-in-law,
the diaries by my mom, the war letters of my Dad.

All of these stories
Help me to be there
With the person who wrote them.
And to know them
Better, deeper, and in a thankful way.
As a result
I have grown.

Now what about those yet to be born?
What will they read about their past;
What will they write for the future?
I hope they find the stories by past relatives;
Value the creations of their kids;
Create their own stories;
Continue the legacy.


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