Friday, May 29, 2009

I Want, You Want, Everybody Wants a Netbook!

Below is a video from what may be one of the best netbooks for use with students while in school. Watch the short clip and comment your pros and cons. Now don't read those already posted on Youtube - they will give you a preconceived bias.

I am one that is easily sold at first look, but these sound and look great. However, when I actually tried to use a different netbook our district was testing, I did not like it. Now I know that change is hard, and with any new piece of technology there is stress involved in getting comfortable with it, but I wonder if I'll react to this one the same as the last one. I'd sure like a smaller footprint netbook. Hope I get to try this one out soon.

Which netbooks have you tried, liked, disliked. Anyone know of a competitive analysis matrix out there for netbooks from a student use standpoint? Here is one from Wikipedia. Here is another one from cnet on the top ten.

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