Sunday, July 19, 2009

Share You Top Ten Tools for Learning Professionals in 2009

My top ten professional learning tools for 2009 are:

google reader
google apps for education
blogs -
wikis - wikispaces and wetpaint

What are yours? Contribute your opinion to the global collection. Link above will take you to the source for the quote below.

Share your Top 10 Tools

If you are a learning professional (e.g. teacher, academic, trainer, consultant, developer, practitioner, analyst, etc) and active in the field of e-learning, we invite you to contribute your Top 10 Tools for Learning Professional to help me compile the Top 100 Tools for Learning Professionals 2009 list.

Here are 3 ways you can share your Top 10 Tools:

1. Send a tweet to @c4lpt with the name of your top 10 tools
2. OR Write a blog posting and then send the link to me at
3. OR Follow the instructions below and I will set up a web page for you

If you are a new contributor If you were a previous contributor
Please send an email to with the following information:
[1] Some information about yourself [1] Any updates to the personal information we have about you
(a) Your name or a psydonym if you prefer

(b) What you do and where you are based. Please provide a short paragraph about yourself with as much detail as you like. You can include a link to your blog/website if you would like to

(c) If you would like to, please also provide a photo. The photo should ideally be a headshot - although if you prefer something more anonymous like an avatar or other image then this is perfectly acceptable. Or just state: No photo. Either provide the web address where we can link to the photo or else attach it to your email. Bear in mind that it will be resized to about 85 x 85 pixels. .
If you contributed in 2007 or 2008, here is the Alphabetical list of Contributors.

If desired, please update the short paragraph about yourself..

If desired, please update the photo we have of you.

[2] Your Top 10 Favourite Tools [2] Updates to your Top 10 Tools favourite tools

Please provide the names of your 10 favourite tools for creating learning for others, for your own professional practice or personal productivity PLUS a sentence or two why you like each one.

Here are some definitions as well as guidelines on choosing your tools:


* By "learning" we mean both formal and informal learning - as well as performance support
* By "tools" we mean software, online tools and services

Guidelines for choosing your tools

* You don't have to rank the tools yourself unless you want to; they could just as easily be in alphabetical order
* They don't have to be the tools you most frequently use rather they should be your favourite tools
* Don't feel obliged to choose tools that others haven't mentioned
* Choose ten tools only; please avoid combinations of tools in each choice
* MS Office tools should be treated separately i.e. Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc
* Google tools should be treated separately, e.g. Google Search, Google Calendar, Google Maps, iGoogle, etc.
* If you are a software/tools vendor or provider, feel free to mention your own product as one of your 10 tools. However, we will only accept one entry per software/tool vendor/provider to ensure results aren't skewed.

Your entry will appear on a page of its own at the website. Your updated entry will appear on your existing webpage at the Centre.
You will be able to update your list in 6 months if you wish.

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