Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Tablet and eTextbooks - Humm . . .

Key points
  • Bookmark where you left off
  • Ability to take notes that stay after book expires
  • Choice in read through, search
  • Search textbook, all of them or the web
  • Break from reading to video on class
  • Up pops a psychology test alert
  • Buy the study guide to help
  • Calendar shows when you have time to study
The future of textbooks is now for college. 
How close to you think it is for K12?
  • So I downloaded the free  app, bought a book: "Supporting Learning with Technology:  Essentials of Classroom Practice" by Joy Egbert, 2009 through FRCC for around $30.  
  • You get access to it for 180 days.  
  • Any notes you take do not go away after the 180 days.   
  • Seemed just as expensive as buying a college text book - average around $60, but perhaps that is cheap theses days.  Do college texts really cost double that today?
  • Too small for me to really use on iPhone, but tablet will be just right and works fine on my laptop, but nice that it can be acessed on the iPhone.
Will post an update after using the textbook for a while.  Tune back in.

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