Tuesday, November 09, 2010

iPad Thoughts - Part 1

Today I finally spent more time on the iPad I've been using to find APPS for teaching and learning in Brighton 27J.  Though there are some things I find very frusrating, I think now that I have it all set up for use, I will use it more.  This iPad is not 3G capable and I do not have internet access with it in the district.  I had to stay home (or go to a hotspot) to set it up and install the APPS to review.  And there are alot of them!! 

Downloading the APPS was frustrating.  There are pages and pages of iPad Education APPS.  Even with a fast wireless network, the iPad couldn't stay up with me.  At one point I was about 16 APPS ahead of the downloads.  To get to the APPS that were twenty pages in, I had to page through the entire twenty pages every time (did I miss something here?).  I did not like that at all, but I guess most people don't go downloading everything they can find in a category all at once or at least not after the initial first time.  I hope I don't have to do that again soon.

Dropbox was my first APP to load, and I like it for what I used it for - to load a CD's worth of files that I'd left at home on my MAC (but had uploaded to Dropbox) to my Hewlett Packard PC at work.  Worked great!  Still accessing those files from Dropbox as it is just easier.  But Dropbox can only upload video or photo files from the iPad it seems without finding an alternative APP.  So if you download a document type of file to the iPad, you have to find an APP to load it in to to edit it there and to be able to upload your revised version back to Dropbox.  Can anyone offer any insight into a better way to do this?

After I have review all of the free APPS for math, writing, reading, and etc., I will write part two of this blog post.  If anyone wants to share educational iPad APPS that they particularly like, please comment on this post.  Comment on the usefulness and quality of the APPS listed below if you have experience with any of them and thanks!

APPS to review include:


  1. Free Books
  2. Umbrella
  3. Wattpad
  4. Kobo
  5. DC Comics
  6. Marvel
  7. iBooks
  8. Alice Lite
Language Arts
  1. Word Search
  2. ABC Phonics
  3. Flashcards
  4. Sight Words
  5. NOVA Free
  6. ABC Free
  7. 123 Writing
  8. Words HD Free
  9. Phonics Free
  10. Sight Words Free
  11. ABC Writing Free
  12. ABC Tracer
  13. Play and Learn
  14. Alphabet Racing
  1. Shapes Free
  2. Dino Math
  3. Dots
  4. Piggy Math
  5. Flash to
  6. Math Ninja
  7. Mad Math
  8. Kids Math
  9. Algebra
  10. Math Play
  11. Number Battle
  12. Kosmic Math Lite
  13. Math Board
  14. Math Tour
  15. Glow Burst
  16. Graph Book
  17. Under Sea Math
  18. Kids Math
  19. Units and Constants
  20. Times Tables
  1. Mia's Playground
  2. Virtuoso
  3. Stack the States
  4. Educa Food Free
  5. Art HD