Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Getting to Know Folks

In this 21st century technological world, many say that we are not as connected "face-to-face" as we used to be and that is weakness of our 21st century world. As an idealist and technology "aholic", I disagree that it is this way because of the technology. I believe it is because of the personality of the person and choice of the person whether it becomes a weakness or not.

I am more connected in every way - face-to-face, electronically and on an even deeper level in this 21st century world. One of my goals this year that I consciously decided and have been implementing as well as having happen naturally is getting to know folks on a deeper level. Perhaps it is because I have been with my new district for a year now and it is just naturally starting to happen, but several times a week now, I've had the opportunity and taken it to get to know acquaintances better, more, deeper and share with them about myself on that level. Each time it happens, I feel awesome, appreciative and thankful. I am loving this! I love the reflections I get as a result. I am growing.

Who have you gotten to know on a deeper level this year? Was it through technology, as a result of technology's efficiency's that provided you more time, or just because. No excuse is a good one . . .I want to know the folks that I work with because it enables me to work with them better, because I care about them, and because it goes both ways. And it is not just folks in the district - it is everywhere.

Have you ever planned to get to know folks better and deeper and done it? What were the results? Do you have time to do this, or are you just surviving treading water? Could technology help? Are you ready to use it to help? How could it help perhaps?