Sunday, January 20, 2008

Colorado Technology Fairs

On February 2, 2008 St. Vrain Valley School District is having their 2nd Annual Disrict Technology Fair. It is from 11 - 1 pm at Trail Ridge Middle School and you are coordially invited to attend.

Last year Bud Hunt created a wiki space called Colorado Technology Fairs on Wikispaces after a presentation by Holli Buchter and myself at TIE 2007 about St. Vrain's 1st district Teen Technology Fair. The technology fair wiki was an outcome of that presentation. Attendees wanted to have a two-way conversation about school tech fairs. We also wanted to find out where they are happening in Colorado schools. Do you know of other tech fairs that showcase student's 21st century learning? Are there fairs that promote teacher's efforts in incorporating technology into classroom learning? We have seen many collegiate and business technology fair sites on the web. If business are doing it, should we be doing it also?

Since the creation of this wiki, we've learned that Douglas County schools has had district fairs, and have continued technology showcases at the school level. Aurora schools also have school level technology fairs. South Dakota has had a student track for 17 years at their TIE. It is a state media fair. We are investigating their model to propose to the Colorado TIE organization.

If you know of other technology fairs in the state of Colorado, please post the location and a link to information about the fairs at: Listing of Colorado Technology Fairs. If you know of other state technology fairs, we'd appreciate hearing about those as well.

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Roger said...

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