Monday, January 21, 2008

Do you believe students should be allowed to use cell phones at school? YESSSSSSSSSS!!!

Gee! Why do we have to punish everyone all of the time?  Especially the teachers and the students.  I can't believe the results of this poll so far.  Go take it if you agree with me and change these sad results.  See my comment that I left below.
Thanks for participating in this poll
Do you believe students should be allowed to use cell phones at school?
Yes - Students should be able to use their cell phone without restriction at school.
Yes - Students should be allowed to use cell phones before and after school, during passing periods between classes and at lunch.
No - Cell phones disrupt the education process and should not be used on school grounds. Students should have access to an office phone for emergency calls.
Why don't we let kids bring the cell phones to class, use them in learning activities and engage students using the technology they know best. I wonder if a teacher gave an assignment for students to text any person they knew outside of school to ask a current events or research question, how fast they would hop to it? Ever use your cell phone as a dictionary? Text Google (466453) and ask what something is and see what happens? Why can't learning be fun and done utilizing the tools available? Most student phones can access the internet now easily - how about a little research, critical thinking conversation to evaluate the sources found through their cell phones? Not allowing cell phones in classs just makes the teachers have one more job - cell phone cop. As a past teacher, I would love to have the tools in which we think they are addicted to use as a means of reaching them. I'd bet students that wouldn't open their mouth in class would gladly instant message or text me an answer. Most text messaging plans today are unlimited messages for a month fee. Let's make those text messages a part of their learning process.


mtaski said...

Yes !!!!!!!!!
I do believe you're right.
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Connie Masson said...

Exactly. Thanks for the url!