Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Multimodal Learning: The research says,

Analysis of research shows that multimodal learning is more effective than traditional, unimodal learning. This is not news. And we have long sense seen that even though the research proves something, that folks still don't "want to go there". But I love it when the facts are stated, so here is a quote from an eSchool news article.

. . . students engaged in learning that incorporates multimodal designs, on average, outperform students who learn using traditional approaches with single modes.
. average student's scores on basic skills assessments increase by 21 percentiles when engaged in non-interactive, multimodal learning ( using text with visual input, text with audio input, and watching and listening to animations or lectures that effectively use visuals).
. interactive multimodal learning (engagement in simulations, modeling, and real-world experiences--most often in collaborative teams or groups), results in average gains of 9 percentiles.
. average students engaged in higher-order thinking using multimedia in interactive situations, on average, have a percentage ranking on higher-order or transfer skills increased by 32 percentiles.
. shift that context from interactive to non-interactive multimodal learning, the result is still a 20 percentile points increase.

Notice they are all increases! Why then doesn't everyone teach in these ways? Does anyone really teach unimodally anymore and if so why? What are your thoughts, comments.

Multimodal Learning through Media: What the Research Says
Cisco Systems
The Metiri Group

"Analysis: How multimedia can improve learning: New research sheds light on students' ability to process multiple modes of learning." By Meris Stansbury, Assistant Editor, eSchool News. Wed, Mar 26, 2008.

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