Sunday, March 16, 2008

Web 3.0 Already Here? And more terms to go with it. . .

Web 3.0 - being able to reliably mine the Internet for meaningful information - is here. Read

A lot of new terms (at least for me anyay) in the article include:

Ingenta, Oxford-based small business that has over 20 million documents stored in the IngentaConnect research platform. These are viewed by over 30 million users each month. Ingenta is able to store this huge amount of data using its revolutionary Metastore.
The Semantic Web enables sharing of mammoth amounts of information with customers and other companies or sharing massive volumes of internal information much more simply. It can convert multiple information streams to one format so they can be read, assimilated and interpreted together.
World Wide Web Corporation (W3C) - overseeing the development of the semantic web.
Jena, an open-source Java framework recently developed by HP’s Semantic Web Program.
Resource Description Framework (RDF) format that enables interoperability between applications that exchange machine-understandable information on the Web. This gives businesses access to new information streams that previously they did not have the capability to read.

Gee, everyone doesn't get web 2.0 yet, and now we have Web 3.0? Will some miss Web 2.0 altogether? Will some never get to Web 3.0? Is it valuable for everyone or just businesses? Feeling overwhelmed? That is a common state for me this days.

What are your thoughts, comments?

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