Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Results are in Again

The research continues to confirm

  • teacher librarians in schools K12 results in:
  1. higher test scores,
  2. direct impact on the educational success of our children, and
  3. support for efforts to require teacher librarians in grades K-12, especially in those school that are not meeting state and federal standards; and
  • what nineteen other state studies have shown, that school libraries
  1. staffed by teacher librarians and
  2. equipped with current books and technology have a positive impact on overall student academic achievement.
See the following links for more information: Press Release and Preliminary Report.

After 9 years of research confirming these facts, we still have a move away from certified librarians or a repurposing of them in the classroom, and elementary schools without any certified staff.

I do believe that administrators know these facts and agree that they are true. I believe they would do something about this issue if they had the funds. Where and how can we get the dollars to support an effort to have certified staff in all school libraries?

Thoughts, comments, experiences, results? I'd love to hear from you.

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