Saturday, May 24, 2008

". . eating the napkins. And probably the plastic forks as well."

Tim Holt posted on Intended Consequences a great analogy about how students in using the web, "a rich buffet", eat only the napkins and probably the "cheap" plastic forks as well. Kevin Honeycutt said it:

“I always say that the web delivers a rich buffet of learning opportunities to kids and they are eating the napkins.”

I had to post about it when I saw the "plastic fork" comment, Bud. For those of you who have not been there, check out Cheap Plastic Fork Man Blog. I think we now need a "Rich Buffet Man"! And I don't mean Warren Buffett . . .but perhaps he is?

I loved the Tim's post, what it said, what it means, but here also is my comment:
What a great analogy! You hit the nail on the head!! And I am just as guilty as the next parent. But I also don't believe in forcing learning to the point that it ruins it for the kids. They have to discover that usefulness for themselves and then we won't have to force ipod use for traditional learning. And I believe they will find that usefulness and be excited about it if they keep hearing about it in a fun way. The power of it all is what I think will capture their attention to check it out on their own without the, "you get an ipod if you use it for 15 minutes a day for educational podcast" syndrome. What can I say - I am an idealist an[d] I believe the lure of it's value will get them there in time. Teachers and friends can also get them to try it out much easier than parents. Then it is their idea and it is cool!
Saturday, May 24, 2008 - 11:08 AM

How do you get your kids to eat from the buffet of the internet rather than just eating the napkins and cheap plastic forks "man"?


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