Sunday, May 04, 2008

Students Learning Math, Geography and to never quit

Clip is after the ads - patience will pay off.

MS Patient Soars New 'Heights'

In the clip above you'll hear about Wendy Booker, a person I met last summer at a friend's wedding. Wendy has had multiple sclerosis for 10 years. In this clip you'll hear about how she is inspiring students in East Boston and helping them to understand what it means to "never quit". She plans to climb the highest mountains in the world despite her condition.

Along the way these kids got a great geography lesson and learned some math as well, but the greatest thing Wendy gave to them was that understanding of the desire to never quit and that they too can achieve their dreams - just never quit. Dream the seemingly impossible and go for it.

What are you teaching the students that cross your path? How are you challenging yourself?

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