Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Segate Day for Secondary Tech Fair Winners

Students from Silver Creek High, Longmont High, Mead Middle and Sunset Middle School recently attended a day long session at Seagate Technologies where they heard about the company, their internships, skills needed in the engineering field, and careers at Seagate. Next they had a chance to take a disk drive apart, learn about the components, how they are made and then try to put it back together. Touring the facility included seeing the robots that are made by Seagate to make the disk drives and some great math lessons in the real world. We felt the computers that shake the drives at different speeds to measure their breaking point and to use to improve that breaking point. We watched as laptops that contain Seagate drives were dropped at increasing heights to measure their durability, we visited the Seagate sound room which is probably the only one like it in the world - their was absolutely no echo and our ears could really hear the difference. It was amazing the minute detail involved in the quality control of their products. It made me wonder if these students took that information and paralleled it to their education and the importance of their learning to that level of detail as well.

Thank you to Seagate and all of the employees that gave of their time to give our students a glimpse of their technologies and careers. It is a tour worth repeating!

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