Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Lyons Elementary Students "Songs" - I Can . . .

The first book in the Growing Field Adventure Series by Mark Hoog is "Your Song", a story of personal strength, finding your own voice. In a collaborative effort with all teachers, Linda Bryan, Media Tech and Lab Leader at Lyons Elementary School read the story to all of the students, had the author come to the school and speak to the students about "their songs", and then students finished the sentence "I am" and illustrated it. Each students' projects were then prepared in the computer lab by typing, drawing, printing and publishing their original artwork and text into a book by classrooms. Some examples are shown above.

Mrs. Bryan said that every student completed the sentence in a positive way with out any writers block, doubt or hesitation. To see these publications, call Lyons Elementary School. I was able to see them when I attended Tall Tales Day. Want to know about Tall Tales Day? Check back soon for a blog post about it.