Tuesday, December 02, 2008

CO TIE 2009 Keynote Speaker - Dr. Tim Tyson

We are again in for a treat with an awesome keynote speaker for TIE2009. TIE, you are the best, how do you keep it up from year to year!

I'm excited to hear him! Why? To pull some topic quotes from the TIE site: "School Library Journal" (tie to library world), "Digital Film Festival" (possible tie in to Colorado School Technology Fairs), "innovative use of technology to maximize student achievement" (#1 hot topic for me these days), the "Global Learning Collaborative" through Mabryonline.org and because he believes that "technology is neither 'the answer nor the magic bullet' but a tool that, when appropriately leveraged, brings people together so that they can collaboratively create and share with unprecedented ease and facility."

Oh yes, I almost forgot - and because his goal is "to empower people by making learning irresistible."

Check it out at TIE's new website.

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Karl Fisch said...

Tim Tyson is fantastic - and inspiring.