Friday, December 12, 2008

2009 Learning 2.0 - A Colorado Conversation

Did you attention the 2008 Learning 2.0 - A Colorado Conversation? It was great! If you missed it, don't miss this one. If you were there, spread the word - the 2009 event is scheduled. Check out the 2009 Learning 2.0 - A Colorado Conversation.

What did you gain last year? What do you wish was addressed, but wasn't. Let Bud and Karl know your needs and ideas so we can make this event the best conference to meet Colorado's needs around learning. It is wonderful that we can have a conference that provides so much and is free to boot.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Think about this quote from last year's conference marketing:

The future of education does not exist in the isolated world of theory and abstract conference sessions. Instead, it exists in conversations. It exists in creating a robust learning network that is ever-expanding and just-in-time. Learning 2.0 is not the beginning of this conversation. It is merely a stopping point, a time to talk about the visible difference that we all seek.

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