Monday, December 29, 2008

Attention Elementary folks and parents of young children

Check out the bottom of my blog to look at one of three picture books from LookyBook. Just click on the eyes to enlarge it. Click on the page to turn the pages.

What is LookyBook? Found it on the GO2WEB20 site during the holidays.

Lookybook allows you to look at picture books in their entirety—from cover to cover, at your own pace. We know that nothing will replace the magic of reading a book with your child at bedtime, but we aim to replace the overwhelming and frustrating process of finding the right books for parents and their kids.

We value the book reviews of librarians and industry experts and we especially value the opinions of moms and dads. Because we are a site for looking at and discovering new books, we want to know what you think and like. Not only can you share your comments about a particular book, you can share all your favorite books by creating and posting your Bookshelf. Fellow Lookybookers can look at your favorites and show you theirs—creating a virtual show-and-tell about today’s best picture books. (register to get a Bookshelf)

To get your own LookyBook shelf click on this link: LookyBook

How could you use this in your classroom or lab? How could you use it to provide books for kids with online access without even checking out a book?

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